The Design and the Art of Bongs


The design and the art of bongs have evolved over the year. When the bongs were first on the marker most of them had a standard design. They look similar to a vase in a way. The bongs have a larger base and a thinner stem that is coming up for the base. Now the bong design has changed and they are great pieces of art.

Bongs now come in many different colors. While the clear glass is still popular bongs now come in many different colors. They also come in different shapes. The octopus bong is a popular shape. This bong has tentacles that look like an octopus coming out of it. This bong is used for much more than smoking tobacco. It is used as a decorative art piece as well. There are also bongs that were designed to look like dragons and other animals.

Bongs now have some texture to them. They have swirls, turns, bubbles, and a number of other designs. There are also bongs are designed to look like shapes including skulls and a number of other items.

The modern bong is used for more than just smoking tobacco. These bongs will allow a person to find a great way to add some creative decorations to their home. They are made of glass and have intricate details. These bongs can allow a person to add some creative touches to their room.